December 2011

Is it Reflux?

I must first begin by telling you that I do not believe in "colic".  It is hard for me to grasp that any baby would cry for hours on end for no reason.  In my honest opinion, I strongly believe that babies who are categorized as suffering from "colic", actually have reflux or some sort of protein sensitivity.  I am no doctor, but I cannot imagine anyone crying if their is nothing wrong. 

I am a mother of two.  I have a daughter who will be 3 next week and a son who is 9 months old.  My son suffers from severe reflux.  It began in the hospital right after he was born. He cried his eyes out and arched his back like it was his job.  He barely slept, and I was told that "some babies are just that way".  The nurse in the hospital assured me that his back arching was due to gas.

When we got home from the hospital, his stools were tiny and petrified, not the typical mushy infant poop.  It lasted for about two weeks before I said something about it to the pediatrician. She recommended that we give him watered down prune juice.  This did nothing except make him vomit and scream all night long.  She recommended this over and over and finally, when my son was 2 months, I had enough and made an appointment with a Gastrointestinal specialist.  It took two long months to see the specialist, and throughout that two months, we continued to deal with a baby who cried constantly and barely slept at night. 

When the appointment with the specialist finally came, he evaluated our son through a series of questions and a couple of small tests.  He determined that my son had reflux.  It was the last thing that I suspected since he did not spit-up or vomit.  He told me that he had "silent reflux", which is when the food comes up and the baby swallows it.  It is still very painful and disruptive for the baby.  The reflux was also the cause for his hard stools, because little did I know,  inconsistent stool patterns can be a sign of reflux. 

My son was put on a regimen of Zantac and hypoallergenic formula, which worked well for a couple of months.  He has been on Prilosec and the same formula for three months and is doing great.  If I did not take initiative and see the specialist, I would be pulling my hair out and my baby would have suffered all of these months.  I thank God every day that I took matters into my own hands.

Tips for Making Holiday Pomanders

One of my new favorite holiday crafts to make is the orange pomander. The pomander is not exactly a new craft, since it’s a very traditional ornament people used to make in order to scent their homes (and sometimes themselves!), as well as a way to ward off sickness. While I can’t vouch for the pomander’s ability to keep you healthy, its scent definitely is strong, and it makes a beautiful ornament as well as a thoughtful, affordable holiday gift.

To make your pomander, you’ll need an orange and plenty of whole cloves. That’s all you’ll truly need to make each ornament, though you can also use a spice blend if you plan on using it as a sachet. A ribbon is also handy to wrap or tie the orange with.