February 2012

Do Not Panic When Your Baby Spikes a Fever

What to do and When to be Concerned

It is midnight and your baby wakes up screaming a scream that you have never heard before.  You high-tail it into their room with a thermometer.  When the thermometer beeps, you are shocked and frightened by the numbers you see.  You see 104.5 and you freak out!  This is what happened to me.  The first time I saw numbers such as these I called the pediatrician asking at what point do I take my daughter to the hospital.  I thought 102 was a "high fever" that warranted attention.  Boy, as a first time mom, I had A LOT to learn about kids and sickness.  Through experience, research and many doctor's appointments, I figured I would share some of my knowledge so that when you are in the same position, you can keep calm and handle the situation....without waking your doctor up.

Orajel Warning

Potential reactions to Benzocaine

Like most moms out there, I have used Orajel when my children have teethed.  It is quick, effective and lasts for hours.  It is an exhausted mom's dream come true.  I recently read an article that changed my mind about Orajel.  It warns about benzocaine, which is the main active ingredient in Orajel. 

When Your Baby Teethes

A Mom's Guide to Helping Your Baby and Keeping Your Sanity During this Challenging Time

 Teething babies are a tough crowd to please.  They want to chew everything in sight, are irritable and sleep poorly at night.  On average, babies get their first teeth at approximately 7 months, but can get teeth sooner or much later.  For example, my son got his first two teeth at 4 months old and is almost done teething at 10 months old; however, I have a friend whose daughter is 12 months and just got her first tooth. 

Teething is a new and very painful sensation for your little one.  They suddenly turn into a shell of their pleasant former self an take on a cranky new persona whenever they get a tooth.  You can expect to be a bit sleep deprived when your baby teethes, because sleep is often interrupted by painful cries that need comforting.  Below, I have listed some natural and unnatural remedies to help you and your baby get through these tough times.