May 2012

Just Stop It with the Mommy Wars

We’re all doing the best we can with what we know.

I am so sick of all of the judgmental bull we are being fed as mothers. From the breastfeeding hullaballoo (thanks a lot, Time magazine) to the working versus stay-at-home rhetoric to moms even arguing what makes a feminist a feminist, we seem to be at each others’ throats—which is of course what the media and the government are gleefully attempting to instigate in the first place.

And why wouldn’t they? There is a war on women in our country right now, and as happy as I am that our president FINALLY voiced his support for gay marriage, I have yet to hear him denounce this very real war. Sure, he’s said that he doesn’t like what laws states are passing in terms of women’s uteri, but what has he actually done about it?