June 2012

How co-op teaching works

Why not base schools around this method?

Many homeschoolers and unschoolers think that schools should not be improved but abolished entirely. I feel the same way in my heart, but I also know that such a thing will not happen—at least, not in my lifetime. It is too ingrained in our society—as much as taxes, or policing the world—to simply be wiped out entirely, though some areas have had to close schools, or run them part-time, due to budget cuts.

I do think that schools can be improved to some extent (though their very purpose itself is disheartening at best). There are so many things we can do to improve schools—give kids more say, abolish standardized testing and grades, provide optional class work and attendance in general—but one thing just occurred to me on Tuesday while I was hosting co-op classes for our homeschool group. Why not run schools like this?