August 2012

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Listen to your heart before you go insane.

Like a lot of people, I have a high track record of burning bridges—mostly because I wait to end something I don’t like until it’s completely unbearable, and by then I act like a total jerkface to get out of it as quickly as possible.

I quit my restaurant management job at the start of a shift rather than giving two week’s notice. I didn’t quit my last salary job soon enough and was laid off, which released me—but not before I suffered heart and stress issues, from my hair falling out to not sleeping and so many other ailments that led to hospitalization. Right now I’m in a rut of my own making again, this time in my family’s living situation.

We were warned that in this situation we would have no privacy, that there were dozens of idiosyncrasies to work with, and that it would be a challenge. I love a challenge, I proclaimed, and what do I have to keep a secret from anyone? The answer to that is everything, since the entire world (or at least everyone I know) now knows when and what I eat, when I sleep (although they’re often told that I’m asleep when I’m working, or simply unavailable), every word I say (and many that I did not say but are still attributed to me). It’s like having a live reality TV team streaming my life from my home without my permission and I can’t do it anymore.